Casassa Law Office
A general practice law firm located in Hampton, New Hampshire

Civil Litigation | Superior Court | Probate Court

Attorneys at Casassa Law Office represent both plaintiffs and defendants in the superior, district and probate courts of New Hampshire. Whatever your type of case, we can help. Casassa Law Office frequently handles cases involving breach of contract; negligence; misrepresentation; violation of consumer protection law; disputes involving trustees; disputes between beneficiaries of probate estates and trusts; petitions to quiet title; petition to partition; injunctions; collection law; construction litigation and many more litigation matters.

Considering Civil Litigation? We Can Help.

Our experience in a wide variety of litigation matters makes us the perfect choice to help you through your matter. Contact Casassa Law Office, located in Hampton at 603-926-6336 to arrange a meeting where a lawyer will look at your situation. You can also use our online contact form to get in touch.